5 Simple Tips for Parents To Help Their Teens with Pimples

  • Start Good Habits Early – Reinforce the need to clean hands regularly especially before touching the face. Make a simple cleanser, bland cleanser and moisturiser available to wash their face in the pre-teen stage.
    • Get Some Professional Guidance – It is often more productive and cost effective to get some professional treatment and home care assistance. rather than grabbing random products from the supermarket or pharmacy. If you add up the price of all those random products you have tried, with no success – it is way more than the price of one single effective product from your aesthetician. Not to mention the wasted time and frustration involved.

  • Avoid Over Complicating Things – Complex routines will only overwhelm teenagers. Start off with simple cleansing and moisturising. Then specialised products can be added as time progresses.
  • Always follow cleansing with a moisturiser – The skin needs some oil to assist with its protective properties. If the skin is completely stripped of oil, it will continue to produce excess oil.
  • Acne Treatment requires more than one approach – Simply cleansing the skin will not be sufficient to treat moderate to high grade acne. Diet, hygiene, facial treatments, home cleansing and medical intervention will all play a part.

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