Op Shop Sales Help Kidney Patients

Keperra and North West Suburbs residents and businesses can help a local Charity and give back to their community and to Kidney patients in Queensland.

The Kidney Support Network Op Shop in Dallas Parade Keperra has recently celebrated 12 months at the new address, after moving from The Gap and is calling on locals to dig deep to support their efforts to help people impacted by Kidney Disease.

The Kidney Support Network, is a not-for-profit registered Charity, driven by Volunteers. The organisation provides a range of Peer Support; fundraising; community events; Kidney Patient Transport; Dialysis Patient massage; information and resources, to support people with Chronic Kidney Disease. The organisation also operates a Childhood Support Network for Children diagnosed with kidney failure.

Kidney Support Network (KSN) happens to have its State office located in Keperra. The adjacent Op Shop (one of five KSN Op Shops in Queensland); raises crucial funds to continue supporting Kidney Patients.

Kidney Patients on Dialysis (a blood filtering process when kidneys have failed), undergo three treatments per week – every week, each session lasting up to 5 hours. This effectively keeps the Patients alive and allows some quality of life. Kidney Transplant recipients face lifelong anti-rejection treatment and can suffer many side effects from that medication.

Did you know that a pair of healthy kidneys (about the size of your fist) filter 100% of your blood every five minutes!!! People who contract a disease of the kidneys may not notice the effects until they have lost 90% of healthy kidney function. People of Indigenous and Pacific Islander backgrounds can be five-times more susceptible to contract Kidney Disease.

The message from KSN is to have your GP regularly check your kidneys.

So how can you help KSN to help Kidney Patients? There are a number of ways people can help and give back to the community. We are always seeking more dedicated, passionate Volunteers to help in the Op Shop – just a few hours or a day or two would be such a help. The Op Shop also needed regular donations of clean saleable items such as pre-loved clothing; bric-a-brac; toys; crockery; books etc (not electrical items or large furniture).

People may be downsizing; or updating or moving on and wanting to donate items to a good cause.

Most of all, KSN needed more customers to visit the best Op Shop in the district, where they will find everyday bargains. The Keperra Op Shop in Dallas Parade is well recognised for its low prices; continually changing stock and its welcoming helpful Volunteers.

The Kidney Support Network receives no Government funding to help support Kidney Patients. All funding comes from community donations; Op Shop sales and fundraising efforts. All financial donations of $2.00 or more are valid Tax deductions, as KSN is a registered Charity.

For more information, contact the Kidney Support Network on 3855 9781, or at or visit the KSN Website and Facebook at Or just pop in to the Community Op Shop at 10 Dallas Parade Keperra, have a browse and meet our amazing Volunteers.