Kindergarten without walls

Imagine a kindergarten without walls… a space where children can explore their natural world, no matter the weather. Where in summer they can paddle in the bubbling creek, and in winter they can build a shelter and curl up with a book.

This is the dream of local resident Emma Nall and a board of educators and community members, who are currently raising funds to establish a bush kindy in The Hills area.

This community-run kindy, called Kindy Without Walls, will be a not-for-profit organisation with strong community connections. The team are currently taking expressions of interest, with a view to opening the kindy in 2018.

The kindy program will follow the Early Years Learning Framework and all National Standards

Elements. Wellbeing, literacy and numeracy will all be included in personally meaningful ways for each child.

The program will be play-based and led by the children, which means that any given day could involve tree-climbing, story-telling, imaginative games, creating with sticks, and exploring the natural world!

Kindy Without Walls is currently looking for sponsors and community members that may be able to offer assistance. For more information, you can email Emma at or follow the Facebook page: