Mitchelton & Districts Gardening Club News

The August meeting of the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club is at the Enoggera Memorial Hall, corner of Wardell and Trundle Streets, Enoggera on Thursday 3rd August.

The guest speaker, Kath Stumer, will talk about Caladiums. Originating from the Amazon region, this exotic plant produces a beautiful display of coloured leaves in the warmer months of the year. Each variety of colour has been named, e.g. Bullock’s Heart has a large, deep red heart-shaped leaf edged in green. Caladiums grow well in the garden in a protected shady spot, or in pots, and they like a rich soil, but care with watering is necessary. They belong to the Arum family and are called aroids.  It’s interesting to note that other members of this tropical family include the calla lily, anthuriums, monstera deliciosa, spatiphyllum (peace lily), etc.

As the weather becomes cooler towards autumn, the caladium leaves start to wither and at that time a little potash and fertilizer should be given to them.  You may have heard people mention caladium ‘bulbs,’ but the plant dies down and forms a corm which remains dormant until about spring.

At the club meeting Kath Stumer’s talk will disclose much more. It’s hard to realise it’s July and almost mid-winter. Give an application of liquid fertiliser to flowering annual seedlings and vegetables this month.  Take care with watering Poinsettias and Snowflake bushes which are at their peak now, because if they become too moist, it can cause poor flowering and leaf drop. If necessary, be sure to hose the frost off your plants before the sun rises too high, to avoid frost burn.

The meeting commences immediately after morning tea which is served at  9.45 a.m. The hall is wheelchair accessible and close to public transport, viz. Enoggera rail and bus routes 599, 590, 350 and 390. For more information, please phone Pat, the president, on 3356 1256.