Mitchelton & Districts Gardening Club

Mulching, will be the guest speaker at the Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club meeting at the Enoggera Memorial Hall, corner of Wardell and Trundle Streets, Enoggera. Rocky Point Mulching and Growing Media Products is the speaker’s topic.

The vision of Rocky Point Mulching is to create a healthy way of life, and the company is passionate about partnering gardeners with quality products to grow fresh healthy food and to beautify this world for generations to come. Their products include all types of mulches, potting mix, growing media, sand, animal bedding and terra firma fertilizers, etc.

September is a busy month for gardeners. Chrysanthemums need lifting and dividing; Hibiscus, poinsettias and other shrubs that have finished flowering, need pruning; Lawns need attention and gardens need applications of fertilizers and mulch. Always apply fertilizers to moist soil and water in well. Marigold, Phlox and Petunia seedlings planted this month will be in bloom for Christmas. Spring annuals should be coming into bloom now and if you want to prolong the life of these plants, remove the spent flowers. When this is done the plant puts its energy into making more blooms and not seeds. Many orchids flower at this time of the year, so enquire about local shows where you could go to appreciate their beauty.

The Mitchelton and Districts Garden Club meets on the first Thursday of the calendar month. Visitors and new members are most welcome. Meetings commence after morning tea which is served at 9.45 a.m. The hall is accessible by wheel chair and close to public transport. For more information, please phone Pat, the president, on 3356 1256.

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