Mitchelton Rotary Club funding Papua New Guinea water supply project

Supurunda water supply survey team

Mitchelton Rotary Club member Ian Cameron recently travelled to PNG to inspect potential water supply projects on behalf of Rotary District 9600, with Wes Nichols from Toowong Rotary Club.

As part of the feasibility study, the Dudumia village water supply project, in Asaro District, outside Goroka, which has been in operation for 4 years, was inspected. This project was funded by Rotary International, and the Rotary Clubs of Toowong, Belvoir-Wodonga and Goroka. The water supply which has been a great success, and uses a protected spring as the source, supplying 9,000 Litre poly tanks with poly pipe distribution to 32 taps in the village.

Once the materils had been delivered to site, the Dudumia project was constructed by the villagers in a three week period.

The Dudumia village water supply project is regarded as a model project, which can be replicated in other locations, provided a reliable spring source can be found above the villages.

During the visit to Dudumia, the need for a similar water supply project for the nearby Supurunda area was identified. The flow from the spring source has been confirmed as being sustainable for the population of 3,000 persons. The spring source also has enough elevation to gravity feed all the potential customers.

It is proposed that the water supply scheme will consist of a diversion weir, strainer box, 9,000 Litre poly tanks and poly pipe distribution system serving taps in the villages near houses.

The water supply project will improve public health and eliminate the need for women and children to fetch water each day.

Mitchelton Rotary Club is currently fund raising for this project, with the view to aggregating funds with other Rotary Clubs including the Rotary Club of Goroka, and then seeking a Global Grant from Rotary International. Construction work is expected to commence in 2018.