New mainly music group in the The Hills District

A new mainly music group for families with babies and pre-schoolers has started up in the Hills District.

Did you know that music enhances the educational capabilities and development skills of babies and children? A 2016 study at the University of Southern California’s Brain and Creativity Institute found that childhood musical experiences have the ability to actually accelerate brain development. It’s true. Particularly in the areas of reading skills and the acquisition of language.

But not only that. Music enhances all areas of a child’s development. It provides school readiness skills – like literacy and numeracy. It enhances social skills – especially when children need to negotiate the sharing of toys and play space. It helps the body and mind work together – like when a child is marching.

The Brainwave Trust (NZ) states that, ‘attachment is the lasting emotional bond that a child forms with a specific person that provides safety, comfort, soothing, and pleasure. Almost all children will develop an attachment but the nature of attachment varies, depending largely upon the care-giving style of their parents. Children who are securely attached are more likely to be resilient under stress, have better relationships, and enter school ready to learn.’ Within a mainly music session, there are lots of expressions of attachment. Lots of moments when parent and child will connect, laugh, cuddle, spend time looking at each other’s’ face, smiling and enjoying close time together.

But not only that. The mainly music sessions are fun. They bring together families in the same season of life and provide thirty minutes of music, enjoyed by grown-up and child alike. There are scarves and puppets, simple percussion instruments and Lycra panels, hats and pictures. There is jumping and tapping, hopping and rolling, dancing and clapping. ‘Eat/play/chat’ is what follows the music. After a simple snack and refreshment, toys are provided for free play. And then the grown-ups are shown hospitality and given a chance to chat to others.

Actually – not only that. One mother recently wrote (after working through some tough times in life), ‘It’s not mainly music you see … it’s so much more than that. Music is just a small part of it … it’s mainly everything else that awaits you when you arrive at the session. It’s mainly everything else that’s so vital and important to people just like me.’

Sessions are held at 9:30 am Friday mornings during school term. Keperra Baptist Church hall, 980 Samford Rd, Keperra. $4/family per session. Feel free to ring the church office on 3355 7639 for further information.



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