Young Picassos Artwork on Display

Milo aged 4 excited about seeing his artwork in the fruit shop

The children of Willmore Kindergarten currently have some artwork displayed at VC Fruit which is located at 18-20 Ferny Way, Ferny Hills. Chinu and his lovely wife have kindly allowed the children to display their work in an effort to show the children how they are part of a community, and show the community, the contribution young children make.

The children were asked,‘What would you like your community to know that you can do?’
They have drawn pictures including: ‘I can ride my bike without training wheels.’ ‘I know how sausages are made.’ ‘I can write my own books.’ To name a few.
We would love you to go down and see the children’s work and email any thoughts or questions to the children at
Young children are often underestimated. We have to remember that they are our first citizens and that as such they see things with fresh eyes. They make new theories, observations and interpretations of their world. If we really listen we can learn so much from them.